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Real Time Customer Experience Analytics
Live Check Your Digital Services Over the Networks with MedUX

MEDUX measures and enhances Digital Customer Experience using 24x7 progressive drive testing, crowdsource omnichannel data, and residential monitoring agents. In Real Time and on the Cloud! 

New metrics presenting MEDUX opinion scores, improving Quality of Service Technical and Business KPIs


Real-time comparison of Service Provider Performance (Fixed and Mobile) and OTTs Unique value model for Regulators and Strategy departments.


Quick, continuous and affordable monitoring for assurance,
pre-optimization testing and CEM unbiased audits.


Simulated profiles, customer journeys, and multi-device,
indoor-outdoor multi-network experience.


Complementing classic services from Marketing Intelligence Agencies. Verify NPS and correlate with MEDUX benchmarks.


MEDUX Technology is operated over a set of solutions making the most of the data from collection to exposure.
The best solution for progressive measurements, 100% innovative solution, cost-effective with zero integration and fast-speed minimum time to market.


MedUX service includes complete operation and maintenance 

Operations are supported by vicinities and ride-hailing companies introducing cost reduction and customer value effect as key differential in the industry.

Identifies key aspects for the improvement of experiences and customer loyalty strategies.

MedUX Opinion Scores

The most accurate view of the quality of the service and the impact of this quality on the estimated user experience. 

Ideal for benchmark against competitors, technologies, timeframes, services, and easy to understand.

MedUX helps both business and engineering teams, for the first time, to find a common strategy and to work together.


From Government Institutions and Network Operators to Digital Service Providers, MEDUX is present internationally and continuously growing…

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Proyecto de Investigación y desarrollo “NUEVAS SONDAS AUTÓNOMAS PARA LA EVALUACIÓN DE LA CAPA 3 EN TELEFONIA” IDI-20150931. Con Financiación a cargo del Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente - FEDER Case ON IT ha llevando a cabo el desarrollo de un proyecto de I+D que permitirá la generación de nuevas sondas para la evaluación de las redes de telecomunicación, altamente replicables y que permitan la generación de datos e información en tiempo real y que permita determinar la calidad del servicio y experiencia para cualquier operador con capa 3. El proyecto supondrá un hito en el estado actual de evaluación de las redes y la evaluación de los servicios de voz y datos.

Hemos recibido una financiación dentro del programa Horizonte Pyme 2016, del Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad, para el  proyecto “AUTONOMOUS MEASUREMENT SYSTEM OF USER EXPERIENCE AND NETWORKS IN THE TELECOM SECTOR, BASED ON PREVENTION, DETECTION AND SOLUTION OF ABNORMALITIES IN REAL TIME”